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Davis, California

Friday, July 19, 2024

Best Breakfast

Black Bear Diner, a well-known favorite of the Davis community, was voted as the best place for breakfast for its uniquely-sized plates and hearty menu. This small-town American diner is easily identifiable by its signature wooden black bear sculpture.

“We are known for our big portions and friendly atmosphere. Our breakfast is favorable since you get a lot for your money and you are really stuffed by the time you leave,” said Carissa Brown, waitress and supervisor at Black Bear Diner.

Their most popular dish is “The Grizz,” which consists of everything needed for an all-American breakfast: two pancakes, three eggs, bacon, sausage, a ham steak and hash browns.

The diner gets a wide variety of customers, mainly large families, athletes and college students.

“Of all the things I love about Black Bear Diner, their generous portions [have] to be number one on my list,” said Peter Tsou, a first-year exercise biology major. “Coming from someone that eats a lot, their food is definitely more than sufficient to leave you feeling satisfied. And with very reasonable prices, it’s especially a great place to get breakfast as a group after an early morning workout.”

Runners up in competition for Best Breakfast included Crepeville and Delta of Venus.

If you happen to pass that big black bear statue with a big appetite, go in and see what all the praise is about.

— Melissa Gaherty


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