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Best Buffet

Who doesn’t love an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant? With countless dishes on the menu, excellent service and relaxing ambiance, Davis Sushi Buffet has claimed the prestigious title of best buffet in Davis.

Experienced Chef Huang Cui began his career in his early twenties, acquiring a great deal of knowledge and experience in his current expertise. Under the guidance of Sam Hui, Chef Daniel Khuu incorporates local and traditional Asian tastes into the art of sushi-making. The fusion of Asian tastes and American styles makes this buffet one of a kind.

Davis Sushi Buffet produces a variety of fresh and delicious sushi, as well as side dishes, at a reasonable price of $14 for lunch, including the Tiger Roll, Davis Roll and numerous types of sashimi.

“My favorite is the California Spicy Unagi Roll. It has cucumber, eel [and] avocado and is to die for,” said second-year sushi enthusiast Stacey Liang.

Liang enjoys visiting the restaurant for a casual sushi lunch on any given weekend.

“Whenever I have a relatively free weekend, I like to go — most of the time, I go for lunch which is nice and relaxing. The quality of all of the sushi is consistently good; I would call it my go-to Asian comfort food restaurant,” Liang said.

Employee Ramon Montajez has been working for one to two months at the restaurant. Montajez prepares the rice, chicken and shrimp and other main dishes in the kitchen.

“It’s very busy here — I’ve never seen so many people eat sushi. The busiest days are probably Friday through Sunday. The other dishes are popular, but the sushi beats them by far,” Montajez said.

However, if you happen to be craving something different, head over to Raja’s for a fantastic, inexpensive Indian buffet, which came in second place, or our very own Davis Dining Commons, which came in third place, for a taste of every cuisine.

— Veena Bansal


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