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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Best Frozen Dessert

Forget chasing the ice cream truck, just swing by one of Davis’ fine frozen yogurt shops. Yolo Berry Yogurt has once again been voted Davis’ favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt shop.

Yolo Berry opened in October 2008, and is owned by former Sudwerk manager Lee Pflugrath. Yogurt machines in the shop are self-serve, and flavors are rotated in and out daily. The most common flavors are original or tart and vanilla, with seasonal favorites such as pumpkin or raspberry among them. They also offer non-dairy sorbet for vegans and the lactose intolerant.

“The one thing that we’re most well-known for is our toppings,” said manager Zachary Coleman. “Basic math will tell you that we tend to have more.”

The shop boasts over 100 different toppings ranging from cookies to candy to fruit to whipped toppings. Prices are calculated by weight at a rate of 39 cents per ounce. Yolo Berry is located at 316 C St., across from the Davis Farmers Market downtown location and near Burgers and Brew.

“It’s a place where I want people to feel comfortable, and where they want to be to get some froyo and have a good time … I want people smiling and happy to be there,” Coleman said.

If you’re looking for another frosty treat, check out Sugar Daddies which came in second place and Cultivé which came in third.

— Nicole Noga


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