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A fry tour of Davis

Oh, French fries. How we covet thy golden deliciousness. Long has your oily crunch satisfied the insatiable lust of the hungover or the hungry. When there are faces to be fed or feelings to be drowned, there’s nothing quite like a handful of fatty, fried, criss-cut or curly tubers to fill the void.

Luckily, downtown Davis offers a wide array of well-seasoned spuds to fill your wildest fried fantasy. Here we present seven of the most swinging spots in town for potato goodness. The statistical analysis employed to derive our judgments is extremely elevated. Twelve Aggie staff members were dispatched for a taste test to each of the seven locations, and cast a vote between one to five for both taste and crispiness. The data was then averaged. Finally, the complex mathematical tool of hashtagging was then utilized to produce two tag-line summaries of our opinion. Hashtags were given with general consensus.

1. Sam’s Mediterranean Grill — Regular order of fries ($1.99)
At first glance, Sam’s Mediterranean doesn’t strike you as a hidden palace for golden, fried gems. But with a delectable, exotic seasoning and affordable price, you’ll have a hard time believing Sam’s isn’t known just for their fries. Sam’s fries are large, in charge and come out piping hot. If you’re looking for a spicy take on a great classic, Sam’s is the place for you.
Taste: 4.1
Crispiness: 3.9
#Exotic #Chili

2. Burgers & Brew — Order of curly fries ($3.25)
When you walk into Burgers & Brew, you are guaranteed a good, fried time. After all, they did win Best Fries in Yolo County in 2009. One order of curly fries and you’ll be transported to a world of crunchy delight. Crispiness is their strength, with beautiful orange swirls fried to a perfect texture; not too crunchy, not too soft.
Taste: 3.8
Crispiness: 4.7
#Madcrispy #Butter

3. Taquería El Burrito – Carne asada fries ($7.25)
Although on the expensive side, one order of carne asada fries from Taquería El Burrito will leave you filled to the brim and a few pounds heavier. Complete with a motley assortment of toppings including salsa, sour cream and guacamole in the pattern of the Mexican flag, their basket of fried spuds is easier eaten with a fork then with your fingers. In the end, it was the “carne asada” portion that stole our attention, and less so on the “fries.”
Taste: 3.4
Crispiness: 1.8
#Frymageddon #Toppinglife

4. DeVere’s Irish Pub – Pub chips – ($6.99, $4.00 during Happy Hour)
If you’re in the mood for something different, DeVere’s offers an Irish twist on the classic dish that will impress many and leave some confused. Their large-bodied tubers come topped with a heaping wad of gravy, sautéed mushrooms and cheese. Be warned — these fries should be eaten fast, lest you be stuck with a giant glob of mushy carbs.
Taste: 3.8
Crispiness: 2.9
#Soggywaffle #Unexpected

5. Uncle Vito’s — Thai fries ($5.35)
Spicy. Thin. Light. Delicious. Uncle Vito’s Thai fries are a delicate basket of thinly cut wedges that pack a mean punch. These fries are perfectly fried to a thin, cloud-like crisp and come topped with an exotic Thai sauce. This sauce comes as double-edged sword, however — the more you want, the better it tastes, the sooner the basket turns into a soggy mess.

Taste: 4.4
Crispiness: 3.8
#Frygasmic #Soggydelight

6. Pluto’s – Order of garlic fries ($2.35)
There are plenty of places to get garlic fries in Davis, but Pluto’s offers a cheap alternative to pricier options that weighs up to their better-known competitors. Though some were quick to ride their iteration as bland, others were impressed by their tasty simplicity.
Taste: 3.7
Crispiness: 3.65
#Generic #Classybutsimple

7. Wingstop — Regular order of fries ($2.39)
Wingstop is the newest addition to the Davis fry family, offering a hearty-sized basket of large, semi-sweet spud action. Their balance of salty and sweet left many comparing the taste to a bag of regular potato chips. Though the fries are large, their size makes them severely deficient in the crispiness factor, without the excuse of heaping amounts of toppings.
Taste: 3.5
Crispiness: 2.4
#Potatochip #Overrated

Compiled by the Features Desk.


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