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By Alice Hsueh

I was so certain until yesterday.

Well, as certain as I was ever going to be.


Like the sunsets you admire, I felt myself evanescing

Embracing the idea of your love

Colors deliquesce into swathes of poppy-bright warmth, tangerine heat

I could surrender like the last sigh of the sun.


But as I sat, he caught my eye.

A pat on the shoulder, a gentle touch to the knee, we twinkled over nothing.

“I remember you,” was all he said.

And as I swirled the wine in my cup, watching it glimmer in the candlelight

I knew.


The stars, they dance in our lanterns.

Windows of the soul, they say.

So then tell me, can you see at all into mine?


There’s a brightness that is blinding me, even in the dark

It hits me like an accusation in the night

I am full of it, lost in a haze of shapes and incandescence

And trapped inside my premonitory vertigo, as I close my eyes


Just these words:

“I am sorry I am living a lie.”




Phosphenes by Alice Hsueh

My name is Alice Hsueh; I am a fourth-year pursuing a degree in English, as well as a psychology minor. My career goal is to enter the field of journalism and my dream is to become a famous novelist. I spend most of my free time daydreaming in the clouds, or in the virtual aisles of online stores. On the rare occasions that I am not doing these things, I also like to spend my free time drawing, singing and performing. You can follow my artsy-fartsy ramblings via medium.com/@lilyrin or twitter.com/adrieleverin.


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