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This Week in Senate

ASUCD vice president Robyn Huey presided over the senate meeting last Thursday, held in the Mee Room of the Memorial Union.

After Quorum Roll Call, Senator Alex Lee motioned into public announcements, in which public attendees brought up and explained events such as bike month in May, the Davis Student film festival and the Pantry Scholarship sign-up.

During Public Discussion, the senate discussed Outreach Assembly’s “Why I Joined” Campaign and then Picnic Day, which is on this Saturday. Senator Casey Nguyen announced that ASUCD members have certain fire truck privileges on Picnic Day and the pantry food drive occurring today.

Senate Bill #58, which will create the Underwriting, Sponsorship and Advertising Committee (USAC), was approved along with Senate Bill #65 to amend section 503 of the ASUCD bylaws to extend the term of the Outreach Assembly speaker to fall quarter. The term ended in Spring Quarter previously. Senate Bill #54, regarding senate office hours, was discussed but reaffirmed.

Senate discussed and approved the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA) and ASUCD. The MOU refers to an agreement in which UC Davis ICA and Entertainment Council agree to a one-time waiver that will permit the Entertainment Council to enter into an agreement with Goldenvoice for a spring 2015 show at the Pavilion. Entertainment Council agreed to enter into an agreement with the promoter in which the promoter agrees to pay ASUCD three dollars per ticket. Both ICA and ASUCD hope that this one-time waiver can lead into a long-term agreement for two to three shows per year between the two parties.

Senate appointed four new members to the Gender and Sexuality Commission.

President Watson also updated the table on her recent meeting with University of California President Janet Napolitano and California Governor Jerry Brown.

The meeting ended past 1 a.m.

Graphic by Jennifer Wu.



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