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Thursday, July 18, 2024

This week in Senate

Last Friday, ASUCD Senate called its meeting to order and began with unit director reports.

KDVS General Manager Ashley Hanson gave an update on the radio station’s quarterly progress, including its annual Pledge Drive. This allows KDVS to bring another year of noncommercial, freeform programming; in exchange for donations, KDVS offers a “thank you” gift consisting of music, books, t-shirts and other interesting items. KDVS raised $50,000 this year.

Tipsy Taxi discussed its new deal with Safe Rides. Tipsy Taxi will test a collaboration this upcoming week, in which everyone will get a free ride. If the program shows success, the two programs will continue working with each other next year.

During presentations, ASUCD President Mariah Watson discussed the upcoming cuts, adjustments and fees ASUCD is going to have to make within the upcoming months to accommodate the budget and current tax fees. Watson stated that units under ASUCD are going to have to begin merging and making cuts to work around the smaller budget.

“A lot of units have it in their head that if they see money left, they feel like they need to spend it,” Watson said. “We want them to be fiscally conservative. Grants have been cut, including CFC, Culture Day, Entrepreneur Funds, etc. We don’t have the money this year.”

During public announcements, Project Compost presented its annual composting workshop, which was held on Saturday. The public made worm bins with the supplies offered at the workshop.

Senate Bill 66 was tabled. The bill seeks to enact chapter seven of the ASUCD bylaws to “delineate the policy and procedure of the committee on committees and solidify its role in fostering the shared governance of the university”.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Graphic by Jennifer Wu.


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