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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The award for the most useless talent goes to…


Students discuss their impractical, yet one-of-a-kind talents

“If you had to enter a competition for the “Most Uselessly Unique Talent,” what would your talent be?”

narda_gonzalez_rovingreporter_fe_DayandanteNarda Gonzalez, second-year genetics major

“I’m really good at stuffing things into my backpack.”








israel_curry_rovingreporter_fe_DayandanteIsrael Curry, first-year microbiology major

“Eating. I’m good at eating.”








blake_bailey_rovingreporter_fe_DayandanteBlake Bailey, third-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major

“I can pop my shoulder blades out of my back.”







jewel_kaur-sabhok_rovingreporter_fe_DayandanteJewel Kaur-Sabhlok, first-year film studies major

“I have double-jointed fingers and hands.”








azza_malik_rovingreporter_fe_DayandanteAzza Malik, first-year sociology major

“I’m really good at spicing meals with Tabasco.”








ryan_calbreath_rovingreporter_fe_DayandanteRyan Calbreath, second-year economics major

“I’m really good at getting a group of people to start dancing.”








emma_askea_rovingreporter_fe_DayandanteEmma Askea, second-year English and communication double major

“I’m good at mispronouncing names.”







sara_remmes_rovingreporter_fe_DayandanteSara Remmes, fourth-year wildlife conservation major

“The ability to make bread toast faster.”








matharin_lee_rovingreporter_fe_DayandanteMatharin Lee, first-year environmental science major

“Annoying my roommate.”








kiana_hosseinian_rovingreporter_fe_DayandanteKiana Hosseinian, first-year biochemistry and molecular biology major

“Hiccuping on cue.”