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Friday, July 12, 2024

Winter wonders of Davis


Students discuss favorite aspect of winter in Davis.

What is your favorite thing about winter in Davis?
claudia_dastmalchi_rovingreporter_fe_BuiClaudia Dastmalchi, fourth-year biotechnology major


“I like the […] cozy nature you have indoors, and everyone’s got […] their pumpkin spice lattes. Everyone’s […] more gathered around each other.”





jacob_hurst_rovingreporter_fe_BuiJacob Hurst, third-year anthropology major


“I really like how pretty the nature is. I really like the […] Arboretum. That was the first thing I saw when I came here and it made me want to come to this school; I loved it.”




sharika_saraf_rovingreporter_fe_BuiSharika Saraf, second-year physics major


“Not the cold weather! I really like the fall colors around here.”





christopher_hoang_rovingreporter_fe_BuiChristopher Hoang, second-year physics major


“It rains a bit more, that’s nice. Good change of weather.”






michael_le_rovingreporter_fe_BuiMichael Le, material science and engineering graduate student


“It’s a long fall.”






maxwell_marpie_rovingreporter_fe_BuiMaxwell Marple, material science and engineering graduate student


“You can layer up. That’s where it’s at, it’s about the layering.”






clara_malloy_rovingreporter_fe_BuiClara Malloy, second-year linguistics major


“I like how I’m not sweating all the time. I can drink hot drinks, and I’m not overheated.”





erica_floyd_rovingreporter_fe_BuiErica Floyd, third-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major


“I really like all of the people dressed in their warm clothes walking around. And people have a lot of different senses of fashion: some people choose to be more comfortable, versus others who care a lot about matching and style trends. But most of all, I just like the trees.”




jack_daum_rovingreporter_fe_BuiJack Daum, fifth-year environmental science and management major


“I’m from Southern California [and] we don’t get a fall. I really like going to areas of campus where the wind isn’t really prevalent, or people don’t walk through and you can see […] hallways of just golden leaves.”


Written by: ALLYSON TSUJI – features@theaggie.org



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