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The next big trend


UC Davis students share their views on future technology trends

What do you think or hope the next big technology trend will be?

ana_reynoso_rovingreporter_fe_WodrichAna Reynoso, third-year design and cinema and digital media double major

“360 video gaming!”







consuelo_jimenez_rovingreporter_fe_WodrichConsuelo Jimenez, first-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major

“A calculator that you can speak into instead of plugging in numbers.”







David Mena davidmena_roman_rovingreporter_fe_WodrichRoman, second-year Spanish and cognitive science double major

“I read somewhere that Mark Zuckerberg was trying to further the expansion of artificial intelligence. He wanted to build a simple robot that would help in daily life. I thought that was pretty cool and even though I’m a college student and would never actually have a robot, just the idea that there is the possibility of a robot that can understand my commands — that’s pretty cool and I think that might be the next big thing.”





Alexandria Scott, first-year animal biology major

“An actual hoverboard: one that actually hovers.”








marie_verberckmoes_rovingreporter_fe_WodrichMarie Verberckmoes, first-year biological sciences major

“A solar powered and self-driven car — super efficient.”







alexander_levin_rovingreporter_fe_WodrichAlexander Levin, Ph.D student in the horticulture and agronomy graduate group

“What I would want is really small robots that can go into our bodies and get rid of cancer cells.”







kendra_forst_rovingreporter_fe_WodrichKendra Forst, third-year communication major

“Holograms, like in Star Wars. You can have a conversation with someone and they’re a hologram person.”







carter_yang_rovingreporter_fe_WodrichCarter Yang, second-year political science major

“A real hoverboard.”







reid_brisbane_rovingreporter_fe_WodrichReid Brisbane, second-year global disease biology major








niba_nirmal_rovingreporter_fe_WodrichNiba Nirmal, third-year genetics and genomics major

“It’s going to be the oculus. They’re just working on making the price down and then it’s going to get pretty huge.”







lawrence_simon_rovingreporter_fe_WodrichLawrence Simon, third-year astrophysics major

“Lately people have been interested in perfecting sound in headphones and making it so that you can actually listen to headphones using different frequencies other than music. Long story short, they’re shooting signals into the air that are like random radio waves and you’ll put these headphones on and they’ll convert those random radio waves into different types of sounds and textures. Anyway, it’s really weird and I don’t remember what it’s called, but I think it’s something that will catch the interest of people.”



josh_polaco_and_sebastian_acevedo_rovingreporter_fe_WodrichJosh Polaco, second-year political science major (left) and Sebastian Acevedo, fifth-year psychology major (right)

Josh: “Holograms on the phone.”

Sebastian: “Phones going into smartwatches like things you can do on your phone, now you can do [on your watch]. You could take a picture, you could talk, you could send messages, you could record things.”




Written by: Fatima Siddiqui – features@theaggie.org


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