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Davis’ hidden gems


UC Davis students discuss the most underappreciated parts of Davis.

What is the most underrated part of Davis (campus or town)?

Stegi Ilanthiraian, second-year microbiology major

“The fourth floor of the [Peter J. Shields] Library — it’s really cool and there’s a lot of great books to read there.”






ahmad_karzoun_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesAhmad Karzoun, first-year nutrition major

“[A thing] that’s really underrated is the spicy chicken burgers at the Silo because they’re $1.90 and they’re pretty big and they taste so good!”






anjali_wignarajah_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesAnjali Wignarajah, second-year cognitive science major

“The top floor of the Memorial Union parking lot where it’s just an open floor. If you go there at night, the sky looks really pretty.”






daniellemae_santiago_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesDanielle Mae Santiago, fourth-year political science and philosophy double major

“I think Wednesday night [Davis] Farmers Market downtown. Not a lot of students know about them and they’re probably one of my favorite things to go to all time — it’s definitely something that’s a nice mid-week break. I think it’s very exclusive to Davis that there is a Wednesday night farmers market, so it’s definitely a nice hybrid of student life and the community coming together and enjoying Davis in general.”




emile_rappaport_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesEmile Rappaport, first-year theatre and dance major

“In Segundo, right next to the dining commons, there’s that bike path […] and it goes under a little tunnel and comes back up on the other side and you don’t have to cross the road — it’s a fantastic little thing because you don’t have to wait at the stoplight.”





alaa_abukhazneh_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesAlaa Abukhazneh, first-year nutrition major

“The sixth floor of the [ARC] Pavilion parking structure at sunset — it’s beautiful.”

Angela Nguyen, third-year biological sciences major

“The Arboretum.”




syed_asad_ali_abidi_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesSyed Asad Ali Abidi, first-year international relations major  

“The [Cal Aggie Christian Association] House Multifaith Community. It’s a great place to converse with fellow Aggies of different faiths.”






truman_williams_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesTruman Williams, fourth-year comparative literature and Japanese double major

“I would say the local art and music scene because it’s actually really thriving, but it’s not something that anyone just visiting the town would realize. I had to be a student here for a year or two before I realized how many poetry readings, art gallery viewings and local concerts there are — so I’ve really come to appreciate that.”




charlie_schwartz_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesCharlie Schwartz, first-year sociology major

“I think the student organizations because they play a large part in getting students involved and sometimes they’re not as visible as they can be. I think that’s really a thriving part of the community.”





shayna_weiner_rovingreporter_fe_KnowlesShayna Weiner, second-year biochemistry and molecular biology double major

“I think the campus is fantastic in and of itself. I think it doesn’t get as much notice because people just think, ‘Oh it’s flat, boring, empty and it has cows,’ but I think it’s a beautiful campus and that’s one of the reasons I chose to go here specifically.”




Written by: Fatima Siddiqui – features@theaggie.org


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