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Police Logs


Many unknowns

Jan. 9

“Heard only, muffled smashing of windows heard and followed by a car alarm in the area.”

“Unknown suspect damaged victim’s vehicle while parked at location.”

“Unknown male on reporting party’s property talking with reporting party’s mother and refusing to leave.”


Jan. 10

“Red truck with door open and nobody around.”

“Male transient loitering outside store with excessive belongings refusing [to] leave.”

“Occurred approximately one month ago — latch on sliding door has been broken and reporting party noticed things are being moved around in house.”


Jan. 11

“Reporting party’s ex-boyfriend has been taking her vehicle without permission and damaging the inside of the vehicle.”

“Unknown male sleeping on a couch on reporting party’s backyard patio.”


Jan. 12

“Occurred between 20 to 2100 hours. Reporting party and roommates came back from dinner and found the back door open and a sock in the hallway. Nothing appears to be taken.”

“Reporting party’s vehicle was hit and damaged by another car in the plot. Reporting party thinks he knows who the suspects are based off the sound of their car starting up.”

“Reporting party calling to complain that unknown subjects are purposefully driving their vehicles and causing noise, so she is unable to sleep at night.”


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