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Police Logs

How dare someone have a flashlight

March 24

“Reporting party’s arm scratched by roommate during 415 over cardboard boxes that were left in common area.”

“Loud thumping music.”

March 25

“Male subject yelling at customers and is running up to their vehicles as they arrive.”

“Male subject soliciting in the area without identification. Reporting party concerned because subject is soliciting in the rain without rain gear and thinks it’s a possible scam. Request an area check.”

“For advice referencing neighbor leaving her 11-year-old son home alone and he’s cooking unsupervised.”

March 26

“Male subject standing in front of the residence with a large knife. Subject is not being violent, but passerby appear scared. Subject is also looking into vehicles in the area. Request officer check on him.”

“Reporting party’s house egged twice within the past 10 minutes.”

March 27

“Flagged down referencing someone on a bike on 14th St that was seen vomiting.”

“Subject with flashlight.”

“5 people followed reporting party — reporting party unable to provide description of people following him. Advised he does not know who they are or why they are following him.”

March 28

“Male passed out behind wheel. Head down. Horn sounding.”


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