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Secrets to college success

Apps and websites that will help you ace those midterms, maintain your health and get more sleep


By EMILIE BROWN — emrbrown@ucdavis.edu


We all know college life — especially during midterms season — can be overwhelming, stressful and exhausting. But fear not, fellow Aggies. I have compiled this list of the best apps and websites to help you take care of your mental and physical health, boost your productivity and get some much-deserved rest.


Forest: Having trouble staying focused? Easily distracted by text messages and social media? This productivity app can help you stay on task while having fun. Whenever you struggle with focusing, you plant a virtual tree on the app. If you leave the app before the tree is fully grown, it dies. But if you stay focused, you’ll grow a beautiful digital forest. 


Headspace: This app offers guided meditations, sleep sounds and mindfulness exercises to help you de-stress and improve your mental health. It makes it easy to unwind and relax. 


Fabulous: This app is like having a personal coach for your most important daily habits. It offers personalized plans to help you improve your physical health and become more productive through meditation sessions, meal plans, workout routines and habit trackers. Plus, it has cute animations and fun challenges that make it a joy to use.


Sleepytime: We all know getting enough sleep is crucial for success academically, but few of us are actually able to do it. This website can help you feel more awake and refreshed when you wake up by helping you calculate the best time to go to bed based on your sleep cycles. 


Seven: This app gives you personalized workout routines you can do in seven minutes without any equipment. It makes it easy to stay physically healthy by creating fast and effective guided workouts.


Zombies, Run!: If you run but get bored of it easily, or just want a change of pace while running, this is the perfect app for you! This app simulates a zombie attack for you to outrun for more motivation while working out. It combines your chosen music with its video-game-like storytelling to create a unique experience for every user.


Brain.fm: Studying for midterms can be a daunting task, but this app and website can help you focus by playing music tracks that are scientifically designed to boost productivity. It uses AI to generate songs that can enhance your focus and help you stay on task.


Studious: Keeping track of deadlines, assignments, class schedules and tests can be overwhelming and complicated. This free app can help. Studious allows you to input all of your course information and receive reminders for upcoming assignments and exams on your smartphone. It also has a “mute” feature I love that automatically silences your phone during class time.


Happy studying and remember to take care of yourself!


Written by: Emilie Brown — emrbrown@ucdavis.edu

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