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Putting the fun in fundraiser


Headline: Putting the fun in fundraiser

LayerCake: Community radio KDVS 90.3 FM works to meet increased goal of $75,000


Aggie Staff Writer

With a sagging economy, the dollar cannot buy much. But cobble together $100 worth of change from your La-Z-Boy, and you can multiply your 15 minutes of fame by four while supporting freeform community radio.

The annual KDVS 90.3 FM fundraiser kicked off Monday and will last until Sunday at midnight. The weeklong fundraiser is the only time of the year that KDVS actively seeks contributions from their listeners. The 24-hour, volunteer-run radio station derives two-thirds of its annual budget from this weeklong fundraiser, said general manager and junior technocultural studies major Ben Johnson.

David D. Young and Johnson anchored the mics at the stroke of midnight Monday and egged their listeners to support KDVS.

“We hope to raise money to support no-commercial, freeform, student-run station,” Johnson said. “We will be doing gimmicks, and I’m making art prints [as gifts to donators].”

Students and community members can also donate $25 and $40, respectively, and will receive a thank you gift courtesy of KDVS, such as T-shirts and packs of CDs. For supporters who want to splurge, $100 can redeem one hour of on-air time to live dreams of being a DJ.

DJs at KDVS have been known to sacrifice their palate for pledges, as past DJs have eaten night crawlers and snails. This year, DJ Riot will have a “Peep-off” to entertain his listeners.

“We are going to get together [as DJs] and eat Peeps like a contest,” said DJ Riot, who broadcasts from midnight to 2 a.m. Saturdays. “We are going to eat two Peeps for every $50. We are expecting to eat a lot of Peeps, and we are going to dip them in Mountain Dew.”

Last year’s goal was $70,000, and KDVS matched it with more than an hour to spare on the last day of the week – a record for the radio station. This year, KDVS upped the ante, asking community supporters to help meet its increased goal of $75,000.

KDVS will use the money to continue to expand with a burgeoning record label, KDVS Recordings. With the funding, KDVS has been able to repair and replace equipment and experiment with new ways to deliver music to the general public.

Money from recent fundraisers afforded KDVS to experiment with different projects. Drake Martinet, last year’s general manager, recently tuned in to KDVS in Southern California over the Internet and was able to hear a live streaming audio feed of a performance from the Mondavi Center.

“Streaming over the Internet was successive because the fundraiser allowed for KDVS to buy new technical [equipment,]” Martinet said.

AJ Ramirez, a.k.a. DJ Wesley Dodds, hopes to see the community support the radio stations’ money-raising effort.

“It is collaboration,” Ramirez said. “Our supporters know this is the time to pledge.”

Ramirez manned the airwaves Tuesday from midnight to 2 a.m., and sang karaoke for each pledge.

The fundraiser will end Sunday at midnight. To pledge via phone, call 754-KDVS or toll-free 888-654-6294, or you can also visit the website at fundraiser.kdvs.org. All donations are tax-deductible.

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