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Editorial: UC Davis admissions

UC Davis has accepted 18,146 out of 39,288 applicants, or 46.2 percent for fall 2009. This is a drop from last years 52.4 percent admissions rate.


This increased selectivity was due to a huge increase in the number of freshmen applications as well as the regentsvote to reduce the UC’s overall enrollment target for fall 2009. At Davis, this vote reduced the freshmen enrollment target from 5,000 for fall 2008 to 4,600 for fall 2009.


Though these numbers may seem discouraging for the freshmen applicants who weren’t admitted, the increased selectivity could bring a positive change to the university.


As the acceptance rates are lowered, admissions standards are set to a higher bar. The average GPA of admitted students is 4.0 for fall 2009, compared to last year’s average of 3.94. Other factors such as extra-curricular activities, essays and recommendations have also become standards for many UC applicants.


The increased selectivity could also result in an overall increase in UC Davis rankingsas well as the benefits that result from it. With higher rankings, more grants might be given to the university, which would help fund research and attract more students and professors.


Additionally, reduced admissions rates will be better for student housing. Fall 2006 saw a 67.8 freshmen acceptance rate and overcrowded dorms as doubles were converted into triples.


The decreased acceptance rate will likely result in more freshmen applicants choosing to attend a community college for their general education and then transfer to a UC to get their degree. UC Davis accepted more transfer students for fall 2009, with about 2,000 students transferring from another college or university compared to 1,930 students who transferred last fall.


This path is a cheaper alternative for both the student and the university. 


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