63.2 F

Davis, California

Monday, July 15, 2024

Editorial: Bike for a Future

Fees are going up because state funding is going down. Whichever way the money is going, at least UC Davis students are headed in the right direction – the capitol.

The group Bike for a Future organized 250 cyclists on a 15-mile ride to Sacramento to create a dialogue with policy-makers. They made their voices heard and their presence recognized.

Not only did this event send a productive message, but it also was something unique to Davis culture. Biking down the causeway in the cold weather to Sacramento was a symbol of individual and collective power. It sets us apart from the other UC campuses. It was also an environmental statement.

Another effort by UC Davis students was also positive. Three bills that aim to support higher education funding, employees and students were posted outside of Mrak Hall this week, and students have been signing the legislation in support.

The bills are also posted at the same location where the protests were held in November. For those who did not want to be arrested or shout outrageous demands, showing support symbolically is a way for students to make their voices heard in a constructive manner.

Our campus is the closest UC to the state capitol, and the students are taking advantage of it. The best part of both of these events was their main goals – to inform students. This is a step in the right direction. Knowledgeable students are empowered students, and empowered students are those who make positive changes.


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