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Campus Copies plans to bring in new business

Campus Copies, an on-campus copy shop, has recently received a lot of attention from ASUCD.

Members of ASUCD are trying to promote business in order to get clients such as professors and students to move from other places to Campus Copies.

“We offer better quality and cheaper services that are more accessible to students and professors,” said Chelsea Tabke, Campus Copies director and senior sociology and psychology double major.

Campus Copies, which offers usual services including printing, FedEx, binding and lamination, has a budget of $160,000 funded by ASUCD.

ASUCD director of legislation and policy Rudy Ornelas admitted that their plan to improve Campus Copies did not include increasing the current budget.

“It’s more a matter of growing it as it gets more customers,” said Ornelas, a sophomore sociology and political science double major. “Senator [Bree] Rombi and I were simply working to make their base of customers larger, which is why we worked to obtain the business from study abroad center.”

Campus Copies will be printing the readers for the Education Abroad Center’s Summer Abroad program. Tabke admitted that business has declined since their relocation to the basement of Freeborn, but added that ASUCD played an important role in bringing them the new business.

“Our senator, Bree Rombi, really helped out in getting us more readers this quarter. Thanks to her efforts we were able to double the amount of readers that we had last quarter,” Tabke said.

Rombi, a sophomore communications and Spanish double major, adopted Campus Copies as a unit to mentor and has been working on passing legislation to buy new binding machines in order to speed up the reader-making process. She said one of her platform projects was to help Campus Copies get more business.

“A lot of people don’t use campus copies as much as they should,” she said. “They’re one of the greatest units that we have.”

ASUCD is hoping that when Campus Copies gets larger, it will open up more student jobs.

“Our goal with this project is to return as much of the students’ money [as we can] back to students,” Ornelas said, “When you buy a reader you know that money is going to be invested right back into you.”

Davis Copy Shop, one of main Campus Copies’ competitors, seemed unaware of the changes ASUCD is making.

“It’s just business,” said Jason Valvellon, manager of Davis Copy Shop. “I’m not too concerned. Our hours are more convenient and we’re open through the breaks. It’s easy for professors to come to us.

However, Rombi remains optimistic that business will pick up. She said that she was in the process of talking to different professors about printing their readers at Campus Copies.

“This is another reason they need more binding machines – for the new business,” she said, referring to the bill she plans on introducing regarding funding for new binding machines.

AKSHAYA RAMANUJAM can be reached at campus@theaggie.org.


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