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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

City of Davis Police Briefs


Toe nailed

A bicyclist ran into someone’s open car door, causing injury to the bicyclist’s toe.

… To get to the other side.

Four chickens wandered in the street at Third and K Street.

When life gives you a broken window…

A teen was throwing lemons at passing vehicles, at Arlington Boulevard and Shasta Drive.

What pranksters

An unknown suspect tore fraternity letters off the wall, on Adams Street.


Someone’s jealous

Someone was awoken by her neighbor having excessively loud intercourse, on Alta Loma Street. Twice.

Cited for being douches

A rowdy group was in a raised, black truck, smoking and drinking beer, on E Street.

See above

A group of adult males were in a plot drinking, loitering and littering beer cans, on Second Street.

Stolen stolen-laptop collection

Someone’s bedroom window was broken. Four laptops were taken, on Sycamore Lane.


Three females were passed out on a couch and unknown males were grinding on them, on C Street.

Large group? More like the entire city

A large group of subjects were playing beer pong and being loud, on Seventh Street.

Downtown dirt bag

A male, without a shirt on, was spitting and randomly hitting pedestrians on Second Street.

Can’t hitchhike to Hawaii

An extremely inebriated subject was attempting to sit in other people’s cars, while wearing a straw hat and a blue Hawaiian shirt, on F Street.

That sucks

A drunk subject in the emergency room said he was jumped for four males, on Fifth Street.

Typical Dairy Queen

A white male with long blonde hair took off his pants and was running around and falling, on Fifth and I Street.



Someone’s purse was stolen off of her. She later found the purse, but the wallet was missing and the credit cards were used at Jack in the Box in Dixon.

Free the animals

A female was yelling near the merry-go-round at Central Park.

Now that’s something to yell about

A squirrel was hit by a car on East Eighth Street.

Searching for their pet squirrel

A toddler was in the roadway, without an adult, on Pole Line Road.

Haven’t they had enough?

Subjects were out front with a beer bong, on B Street.

Police briefs are compiled from the city of Davis police bulletins. You create the news, we just write about it. Contact BECKY PETERSON at city@theaggie.org.


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