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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Letters to the Editor: Lawsuit filed against ASUCD president

While President Thongsavat has made it clear that Speaker Dias will not be appointed to head the City and County Affairs office, this does not mean her case challenging the hiring process is meaningless. Instead, Dias represents future UC Davis students who may face a far worse violation of their right to a fair hiring process in the ASUCD.  

The precedent the Court establishes in this case will determine if an ASUCD President has any room to deviate from the rules that ensure due process in ASUCD employment. If the Court allows a President leeway here, where is the line between fair and unfair?  

While Dias won’t be hired, it’s important to be certain that the hiring decision for her and for future UC Davis students to other ASUCD positions always takes place under a process that guarantees fair employment opportunity in the ASUCD.

Jeremy Koo

Former ASUCD chief justice (acting)

Class of 2011, political science


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