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Column: ‘F’ is for fifth-years

There’s a first for everything, and today is not quite one of them. Sure it’s my first fifth Fall quarter as an Aggie which means I usually don’t get lost trying to find my classes at this point.

After four plus years at UC Davis, I could tell you all the wisdom with stories of all the misshapen corners I halfheartedly, unknowingly ran full force into. But that’s not what I’m here for.

The last time I was in school with the class of 2015, I was in fifth grade and the freshmen were in first. The kids barely seemed to exist then, but now that the dorm residents have moved in, their presence screams, “I’m ready, excited, and eager! … Wait, how do you do this? Where do I go?” Those of us who have been here a while are still asking those same questions – we’ve just gotten better at looking like we know what we’re doing.

In no particular order, these are things you should know. It’d make day-to-day living easier.

Bring a pen everywhere. Memorize your ID number; it’s just nine digits. Make friends of many disciplines; they’re quite useful if for borrowing a clicker for a fun class such as HDE 12: Human Sexuality. The above statement does not apply to kids in the biological sciences who toke around their clickers everywhere.

If you ever need a fax machine, the Student Recruitment & Retention Center offers free usage to students. Look up the hours yourself; I’ve heard that there’s this thing called the internet.

Utilize your resources. First find out what they are. I’ve been telling people for years that there is a massage chair at The House, across from Regan residence halls. Bring your ID. There are two more chairs at the Student Health and Wellness Center. That gorgeous new building is a one stop for all: sleeping masks, highlighters, magnets, doctor’s appointment, anonymous HIV testing and free safer sex products are for your taking.

On the topic of health, if you have SHIP, the plan works with Anthem Blue Cross – if you’re out of town during breaks and need new glasses, you can find a health practitioner who accepts Blue Cross.

Now from the ones who’ve gone on to the real world: stay in school forever and ever, the real world can be pretty scary. Make your college experience be meaningful and long lasting because once you leave the college bubble, opportunities to socialize with people in your age bracket come much more infrequently.

Study abroad: as cheesy as it sounds, it really does change your life, or so I’ve heard. Financial aid will adjust your package for studying abroad. It definitely seems worth getting in debt for.

So what have we done by sticking ourselves with the ’90s kids? They may think they’re cool, but no one is really as cool as they think they are. Don’t worry, you’ll get there.

Things don’t really go according to plan, remember to breathe and make a new one.

College is better than high school, if you’re doing it right. Think of college as a bigger crayon box; the 64-with a built-in sharpener was what every kid wanted. And there’s more of every color with UC Davis’ student population of more than 30,000.

One of the real banes of being an older kid is when you see delectable eye candy, you immediately hope that the someone is older than your kid sibling.

KAMRY ZHANG doesn’t really want to be reached. Send your regards to her boss at editor@theaggie.org. Just make sure you use your apostrophes correctly.


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