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In Review: Drake at the Pavilion

I am literally speechless after the concert; it was that amazing. But I’m going to try and convey how much fun it really was. After hours of waiting in line (since 12 p.m.) and nearly getting trampled by crazy, Drake-obsessed girls while trying to run inside the Pavilion, I was able to get right in front the stage: right in front of Drake. We were so close that we could almost touch him. I don’t think my excitement truly started until they pulled down the black curtain and Drake appeared on stage.

The opening acts, ASAP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar, warmed up the crowd well, but nothing compared to Drake. The highlight of the opening acts was ASAP Rocky coming off the stage with everyone close enough to the stage got to touch his hand.

But now, for the main event ━ Drizzy Drake! It’s hard to pick out my favorite moment of the show so I’m just going to name all of them. He first appeared on stage and opened with “Underground Kings” off his most recent album, Take Care. He danced his way across the stage to make sure everyone had a chance to see him. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so loud in my entire life. I know two of my friends almost started crying when he came out.

When he reached “Shot for Me” on his setlist, he noticed that it was a girl in the crowd’s 21st birthday, he took a shot for her. That girl must have gotten the best birthday present ever.

I thought the funniest part was when Drake went around the entire Pavilion and called out people from each section. People went crazy wanting Drake to see them, some getting on other people’s shoulders, some jumping as high as they could, one girl even trying to flash him and of course the people with signs. It was a welcome break from the non-stop music.

“I was so ecstatic when Drake saw my seduce me sign and said “Seduce you, yeah I could do that.” I think I almost died, it literally made my night! And it was worth the wait. This was definitely the greatest thing that’s ever happened in Davis!” said Jasmine Visla, sophomore, Exercise Biology major.

There were a few times when Drake pointed at me and my friends and it felt like he was singing directly to us. Oh my god. It was amazing. I realize I might sound a little like crazy fangirl, but then again, I think everyone there was going crazy with excitement, screaming and dancing along to the songs. At the end of the show, Drake looked out at the crowd and said it was really one of the best he’s ever seen during his tour.

As difficult as it is to decide, some of his top performances were “Make Me Proud,” “Take Care,” “The Motto” and “Marvin’s Room.” Drake closed the show by going back to his hip-hop roots with “The Motto” and “Headlines.” Drake’s sound translated well live. The live band was a nice touch. He was definitely worth all the waiting to see him.

I’ve had Drake on repeat the entire time I’ve been writing this review, and I can say that this was one event you didn’t want to miss. I think it was the most fun thing I’ve done at Davis so far.

PAAYAL ZAVERI can be reached at arts@theaggie.org


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