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Campus Judicial Affairs


A sophomore was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for plagiarizing a paper in an anthropology course. The TA who was grading the student’s paper noticed that some paragraphs were written better and more accurately than other paragraphs within the paper. The TA proceeded to look up a couple of phrases via Google and found that some sentences were taken word for word from an online source. This particular online source was not cited in the student’s paper. When the student met with a Judicial Officer, he confessed that he did not know how to cite sources properly and thus admitted to having plagiarized parts of his paper. The student accepted the sanction of Disciplinary Probation until Fall 2012 and agreed to complete community service hours.  He also agreed to read a plagiarism pamphlet and to sign a contract afterwards confirming that he understands what plagiarism is. Lastly, he agreed to meet with a Student Academic Success Center writing specialist to go over his paper and how to cite sources.


A student was referred to SJA for stealing clothing from the UC Davis Bookstore. When she met with a Judicial Officer concerning the theft, she admitted to having stolen the piece of clothing and stated that she was dealing with a lot of stress. As a disciplinary sanction for the theft, she accepted Deferred Separation status.  She also agreed to meet with a counselor at CAPS for help in dealing with the stress.  Lastly, she agreed to write a reflection paper about her experiences with SJA and CAPS and submit it to SJA during Spring 2012.

Unauthorized Assistance

A student was referred to SJA for receiving unauthorized assistance on an assignment in an engineering course. The professor noticed that this student’s work was very similar to another student’s. When the student met with a Judicial Officer, he admitted that he had struggled with the homework assignment and had thus sought help from someone who had taken the same course before. The student also acknowledged that the TA, rather than another student, could have been his source for help on the assignment. The student agreed to be put on Disciplinary Probation until Fall 2012 as a result of his academic misconduct.


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