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Campus Judicial Report

Stealing swipes
After losing his student identification card, a freshman student found that he was missing multiple Dining Common (DC) swipes. Reports of the missing swipes led to video surveillance of the DC cashiers’ area, which identified a female student.  The identified suspect was then referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for misappropriation.  In her meeting with a Judicial Officer, the female student denied that she was the student in the videos and stated that she had not swiped in using the other student’s ID card.
Following further review, the referred student was found to be innocent and not in violation of misconduct, so the charges against her were dropped.

Take your own tests
A student was referred to SJA when a teaching assistant noticed that a different student claimed the exam than the student who had turned it in. Students were required to submit and collect their own exams, so this caused the TA to suspect that academic misconduct had occurred.  However, in her meeting with a Judicial Officer, the enrolled student denied that another student had turned in her exam.  Since the identity of the student who had submitted the exam was unknown and there was no way to establish that the enrolled student had in fact had a friend complete her exam, the charges were dropped and the student received an Administrative Notice.  An Administrative Notice is a formal written notice that puts a student officially “on notice” about specific University policies.

Study buddies Two students were referred to SJA when their midterms revealed several identical wrong answers. In their separate meetings with a Judicial Officer, the students stated that they had studied and reviewed sample problems together prior to the exam, and asserted that this was the reason for their shared wrong answers.  The professor accepted this as a valid explanation and both students received Administrative Notices.


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