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ICC’s Countdown to Summer!

Welcome to week two of the ICC’s Countdown to Summer!  Each week the Internship and Career Center will provide you with a task that will help you be prepared to land a job or internship by summer.

Create and have your resume and cover letter reviewed: If you have ever applied for an internship or job, you most likely have been confronted with the agonizing process of trying to sum up your life’s accomplishments onto one page. Perhaps more agonizing is the feeling of having no qualifications appropriate for the position and the need to generate a resume despite your deficits. The Internship and Career Center provides for this integral part of the job hunt.  Delaying will NOT make it better.  Not only that, but the Spring Internship and Career Fair is also coming on April 19 and it is ideal to hand out resumes there. The ICC is here to get you started.

Attend a workshop (in person or online): If you have no experience in writing a resume and have not attended one of our many workshops held in South Hall, do so. You can find a copy of our Spring quarter Program of Events (including workshops and webshops) on the ICC website.

Use online resources:  Do you know how to write a resume and cover letter but need a little inspiration or reminder? Each year the Internship and Career Center publishes the Career Resource Manual for that very purpose. This manual includes sample resumes and cover letters, as well as a list of verbs to help you be more descriptive. It also includes general information on the job search including career planning, informational interviews, transferable skills and much more. The manual can be found on the ICC  website.

Visit South Hall for in-person advising:  Whether you have your initial draft, think you are sufficiently knowledgeable in writing resumes and cover letters or just want a second look to reassure you of your awesomeness, drop in for advising with our numerous and extremely well-trained student advisors. There is someone at the ICC to help you from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Follow these tips and you will find yourself with a competitive resume and cover letter that detail your unique experiences and what you can contribute on the job or in an internship. Look for next week’s article to help you prepare for and attend the fair.

The UC Davis Internship and Career Center (ICC), located on the second and third floors of South Hall and online at iccweb.ucdavis.edu, has decades of success helping to launch Aggies on their professional paths, and its services are FREE to currently enrolled UC Davis students.


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