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Seven new urban residences next to Central Park

Upon the approval by the City of Davis, what used to be an area enveloped by older houses is now being replaced by seven new urban residences built by Sherman Home Co. So far, two homes have been completed and are now occupied.

These homes are located on B Street, with four homes facing Central Park and three homes in the back alley. The older houses were moved to eight blocks down to J Street. They were since renovated to be part of the J Street Solar Housing Community.

“The whole area has been run down and they [City of Davis] would like to improve that whole corridor,” said Steve Sherman, president of Sherman Home Co.

Each home costs around $700,000. Each of these seven homes has three stories, a two-car garage and a basement or storage area. The homes range in size from 1651 to 2120 square feet. They all have three bedrooms and two and a half baths. Two of the homes, located in the back, have elevators.

The homes are being built with as little energy consumption as possible, according to the Sherman Homes Co. website.

Jaimie Hawkins, the manager of the project, told The Davis Enterprise that these houses are energy-efficient, featuring low-toxicity paints and sustainable woods and materials.

“They all have solar electricity,” Sherman said. “The whole project is very green and environmental friendly and we have done a lot to reduce carbon footprint.”

“Water from rain is restored instead of going down the drain,” Sherman said. “The water goes back into the soil; we have rain gardens which retain the water and permeate back.”

“The sustainability that was put into this house was a great appeal when we purchased the place,” said one of the new residents, who chose to remain unnamed.

Hawkins said these urban residences are bringing an urban flair to downtown. The urban residences are scaled down to a smaller size but still retain all the amenities of a home.

“All the details that the developer put into the house are very modern,” the resident said. “We love everything about the place; it’s perfect.”

The homes are situated in a prime location that is ideal for those who work in town often, according to Sherman.

“There is a push to use land in the cities in order to reduce traffic and carbon footprint,” Sherman said. “The location of the homes reduces the miles driven because they’re close to supermarkets, restaurants and other great places in downtown.”

“We love the location,” the resident said. “It’s great because our home is right across the street from Central Park where there is Farmers Market every week and all the essential amenities are within walking distance.”

It was expected that professional people in their late 30s or 40s would want to live in a more urban environment, but so far, the two completed homes are occupied by retired couples, Sherman said.

All of the houses are expected to be occupied by August to September of this year. A second model, however, will remain unoccupied as a model for the public to look at.

For more information, visit shermanhomeco.com.

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