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Davis, California

Saturday, July 20, 2024

News in Brief: Safe sex service provides condoms for Halloween

This Halloween, CloverUp Club, a condom-distributing service, will be working with Davis fraternities and sororities to distribute a large number of sample condoms from Halloween through the weekend, both on campus and at the organizations’ houses. Halloween weekend is historically one of the most sexually active of the year at university campuses.

Throughout the year, CloverUp Club delivers condoms online, providing a cheaper and less awkward way to procure protection. The program is also working with various universities to spread the availability of their product and sex education.

“Sex should be fun, safe and hassle-free,” said UC Davis alumna Marisa Swain, who works in marketing with CloverUp Club. “That’s why we are working for this cause.”

Over the next week, plain, flavored, colorful and glow-in-the-dark condoms will be distributed. For more information, visit cloverupclub.com.

— Rohit Ravikumar


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