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Yolo County Animal Shelter receives new paint job

On Oct. 27, the Yolo County Animal Shelter, located at 2460 E. Gibson Road in Woodland, received an exterior paint job and parking lot re-striping by local painting contractor Brooks Painting.

“Brooks Painting staff, friends and volunteers began at 7 a.m. and [continued] throughout the day, painting the entire exterior of the cinderblock building and the interior of Puppy Park,” said the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department in a press release.

The building was initially only the cinderblock color. Brooks Painting painted it a neutral beige color and the trims were painted green.

“Every year for the last six years, Brooks Painting does a charity paint giveaway,” said Christina Juneau, business manager of Brooks Painting.

The public is open to nominate whomever they want by submitting reasons why they think their nominee deserves the $10,000 charity paint giveaway. The top three nominees this year were the Explorit Science Center, Davis Rotary’s Meals On Wheels and the Yolo County Animal Shelter.

Juneau said that the animal shelter won the charity giveaway this year with over 1,000 votes. A turnout of about 23 people from Brooks Painting showed up at 7 a.m. and worked until 3 p.m. Local businesses also helped out with the event.

The Graduate, located at 805 Russell Blvd., provided the painting staff with lunch. Ink Monkey Graphics provided T-shirts and Sherwin-Williams Paints provided the paint.

According to its website, the Yolo County Animal Shelter is operated by Animal Services of the Yolo County Sheriff.

“Animal Services is responsible for … providing animal control services to the cities, unincorporated areas of the county and to the University of California, Davis properties in Davis,” the website said.

Furthermore, Animal Services provides shelter to animals that have been abandoned, ill-treated and lost. In this way, these animals are prevented from being euthanized and the public remains safe from the animals.

The animal shelter also has the Animal Foster Care program, in which the animals that are considered “at-risk” may be put up for adoption. In addition, volunteer foster parents may temporarily keep these animals, nurturing them until they are healthy for adoption.

“Before we painted it, it was a pinkish-grey cinderblock. The new paint job now gives it a more cheerful and bright look,” Juneau said.

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