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News in Brief: Israeli and Palestinian activists to speak tomorrow

Israeli and Palestinian youth activists are scheduled to visit campus tomorrow in an event entitled Waging Peace: A Conversation with OneVoice Israeli and Palestinian Activists.

The speakers will share information on their work and experiences in advocating for peace in the region and bringing about a better future for their societies, according to the event’s press release.

They will also address the challenges that they face as activists and how others can get involved in their efforts.

OneVoice, which is co-sponsoring the event, is an international grassroots movement with offices in Tel Aviv, Ramallah, Gaza, New York and London, and serves to provide a collective voice for Israeli and Palestinian activists.

“While it can seem at times as though we have reached a stalemate in the peace process, OneVoice youth activists give us reason to be optimistic about the future,” said Rebecca Viney, an organizer of the event and political science major from London. “Everyone who is at all interested in the situation should take the opportunity to come and hear directly from these young people, about their experiences and personal motivations, and why they are determined to change the status quo.”

OneVoice activists commonly hold leadership training, lectures and town hall gatherings and work with elected officials to achieve an independent Palestinian state that coexists with Israel.

“[OneVoice] provides a fresh perspective on the conflict that is not only pragmatic, but also presents hope for the future,” the release stated.

The event, which will take place at 7 p.m. in 234 Wellman Hall, will feature activists Shai Parnes (Rehovot, Israel) and Obada Shtaya (Nablus, Palestine).

More information can be found at onevoicemovement.org.

— Muna Sadek


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