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Campus Judicial Reports

Gotta be good for something
A student was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for attempting to sell his notes to other students in an upper division class. Students who wish to make some money taking notes can sign up as an official note taker with Classical Notes, but using superior note-taking abilities as a business is against university policy. After talking with a judicial officer, it was decided that an administrative notice would be issued, but no further action was necessary given that this was the student’s first violation.

Cite your sources!
A student was recently referred to SJA for plagiarizing from Wikipedia. Properly citing sources according to the instructor’s policies is a standard that always applies. If a Wikipedia article has particularly helpful information, one might consider consulting, then citing the sources that the article itself was based off of. This is usually found at the bottom of the Wikipedia page. After meeting with a judicial officer, the student received community service and a zero on the assignment, and was put on disciplinary probation.

Just some minor adjustments
A student was referred to SJA for altering a quiz and submitting it for a re-grade. Dissatisfied with his performance in a lower division science class, he had decided to change some answer values in an attempt to garner some extra points. Upon comparing the original scanned copies of the quizzes to the quizzes being considered for a regrade, the professor quickly found that there was an alteration to this student’s quiz. After meeting with a judicial officer, the student was found in violation of the Code of Academic Conduct. He was put on disciplinary probation and assigned community service. The student also received a zero on the quiz.


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