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Yolo County creates travel magazine

The new Yolo County tourist magazine, YOLO, published its first issue at the end of January.

Also known as “You Only Live Once,” the magazine capitalizes on the popular acronym as a way to showcase all the attractions Yolo County has to offer.

YOLO has since been received with much excitement by the Davis community. The 10,000 copies printed — funded solely through paid advertisements — were distributed free of charge at all local hotels, one hotel in West Sacramento and two hotels in Woodland; the Davis, Woodland and Winters Chambers of Commerce; and the Yolo County Visitors Bureau.

“It has been a great opportunity for local businesses to run with us, like the Sacramento Zoo and other businesses or places of interest for visitors that were unique to Davis — for example, the bike path,” said Nancy Hannell, advertising director for YOLO.

Since its release, the magazine has been gaining support throughout Yolo County.

“I think it’s a very good publication … it’s going to be a real useful tool for people interested in touring Davis and Yolo County,” said Alan Humason, executive director of the Yolo County Visitors Bureau.

YOLO is a tourist-focused magazine that serves primarily as a hands-on guide for tourists and locals.

“As Davis tries to become more of a tourist destination, the magazine will be a useful resource for people coming in without having been here before and will also be helpful for locals to realize how much Davis has to offer,” said Tanya Perez, associate editor of YOLO.

Publishing more than once a year is being considered, but for now the magazine will remain as an annual publication.

“What we will do next year is still on the table … this one will have a one-year shelf life. We won’t publish it again until next January, but after that we may do it twice a year,” Perez said.

Perez, who is responsible for content, layout and pictures, felt the magazine would provide an alternative option to newsprint for tourists.

“The content for the magazine came from our archives at the [Davis] Enterprise that we updated to create a consistent feel throughout the magazine. The goal was to have the photos tell the stories,” Perez said.

Hannell also said she thinks it will be beneficial to parents of UC Davis students.

“It’s a nice magazine to take home or to use while visiting,” Hannell said.

Currently, YOLO is gaining more momentum as it becomes more well-known among visitors.

“It’s a handy reference for lots of facilities and venues that we can use to give to people who are interested in more info,” Humason said. “Many of people do research online but there are still many people that need a physical representation, and the YOLO magazine certainly provides that.”

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