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Senators close ASUCD budget

The ASUCD Senate table considered the remainder of the 2013-14 budget during the May 23 senate meeting.

The budget for General Programs was seen. Controller Eric Evans said audit fees are increasing to cover taxes.

The executive team, ASUCD President Carly Sandstrom, Vice President Bradley Bottoms and Evans spoke about Aggie Pack and its branding. Evans said more jobs will be created, and funding for tube socks was cut — the money for them will come from elsewhere.

Aggie Pack representatives explained that they need money for outreach, as they measure their success through outreach. The table discussed lowering Aggie Pack personnel stipend from $49 to $42. The executive team was not friendly to lowering the pay and the motion failed.

Armando Figueroa opened the budget for Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). He discussed fundraising, as this year they will fund the Special Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP) for low-income students.

Steven Baissa addressed funding for the Cross Cultural Center (CCC). He said that UC Davis is the only UC campus with this sort of program. He strongly encouraged the table to consider increasing funding, as funding amounts have been the same historically and they will need more to accommodate a growing student body. The budget remained the same at $5,000.

The table then considered the funds for BloodSource. Chucha Marquez, chair of the Gender and Sexulaity Commission (GASC), said the organization “demonizes” queer donors, as there is a regulation in place that prohibits men who have had sex with men to donate blood due to an increased risk for HIV.

The executive team said it is unfair to punish the organization for a federally imposed law. The motion to remove the advertising and holding account line items for BloodSource passed with an 8-3-1 vote.

The budget for the Aggie Public Arts Commission (APAC) was then discussed. The budget closed with some cuts.

The Student Government Administrative Office budget was seen. The senators discussed reducing hours. The motion passed.

The ASUCD Entrepreneurship Fund requested more money for the unit. The budget closed at $6,201, an increase from the previous year’s budget.

The table then discussed funds for Safe Boat. Safe Boat representatives said they are aiming to become less dependent on the Association. The executive team asked about Safe Boat Education, which pays for Houseboat 101 pamphlets that include information on first aid. The table also discussed the amount of funding Safe Boats received from the Club Finance Council (CFC). One of the main topics of discussion was the consideration of $200 needed to purchase toiletries, such as tampons and condoms. Figueroa motioned to amend the Safe Boat Education/Awareness line item, to allocate $130 to it instead. The budget closed with some cuts.

The budget for Environmental Policy and Planning Commission was then seen. The budget closed without any changes.

The table discussed reopening the KDVS budget. Because the unit is under the Campus Media Board, any amendments to the budget must go through them. The table can only pass or fail the budget. After much debate, the table opted to leave the budget as is. They discussed meeting with the Media Board, but the Media Board couldn’t find the time to assemble.

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