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Mount Rushmore’s best replacements

If you could replace two of the heads on Mount Rushmore with anyone else, who would you choose?

edward_siuEdward Siu

Senior biological sciences major

“I would put my face and my first child’s face.”





regina_marinoRegina Marino
Senior nutrition science major

“I’d probably put Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Blackwell.”





kara_ericksonKara Erickson

Junior exercise biology major

“Oprah and Hillary Clinton.”





nick_thompsonNick Thompson

Junior neurology, physiology and behavior major

“Two heads of myself looking at each other.”




ella_cruzElla Cruz

Sophomore biological sciences major

“Rosa Parks [for one], and for the other I’d put a really huge question mark [as if] to say ‘Are you next?’ which is a reminder that these are ordinary people.




graham_sarsasyGraham Sarsasy

Junior computer science major

“Richard Feynman and Nikola Tesla.”





leeland_howardLeeland Howard

Sophomore biochemical engineering major

“Patrick Henry, and we need a nerd up there so Bill Gates.”





billy_laBilly La

Senior exercise biology major

“Me and my BFF.”





elijah_kajarElijah Kajar

Senior community regional development major

“Gandhi and Malcolm X.”





christianna_russChristianna Russ

Senior psychology major

“I’d trade one with Obama and one with Oprah.”





alexander_torresAlexander Torres

Senior computer science major

“One of them [would be] Albert Einstein, and one of Batman.”





leanne_bolanoLeanne Bolano

Sophomore environmental science management major

“Condoleezza Rice because she’s cool, and Tina Fey.”




Photos by Jian Gelvezon.


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