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Question an Athlete: Student athletes on who their role models are


We asked student-athletes on the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams: Who is your role model?

UC Davis Men’s and Women’s basketball athletes talk about who they have looked up to throughout their lives.


Georgi_Funtarov_questionanathlete_sp_DayandanteGeorgi Funtarov

Forward, third-year communication major

“I think my role model would be LeBron James because when I got into basketball he just got into the NBA. When you’re a little kid and somebody like him is doing amazing things, you want to be like him one day. The way he interacted with his teammates off the court just told me he was a good guy on and off the courts.”




celia_marfone_questionanathlete_sp_DayandanteCelia Marfone

Forward, fourth-year exercise biology major

“I look up to Kobe Bryant. I’ve followed him ever since he’s been a Laker and I think his story is truly amazing in how much he pushes himself. I aspire to be just as passionate about the game at his age.”





Brynton_Lemar_questionanathlete_sp_DayandanteBrynton Lemar

Guard, third-year communication major

“My role model has to be my dad. He has taught me so many life lessons like how to be a great person and a man. He came from Jamaica and made his life in California while helping my mom out. He is the most important figure in my life right now.”




Taylor_McGuire_questionanathlete_sp_DayandanteTaylor McGuire

Guard, third-year managerial economics major

“My role model and inspiration for basketball is Steph[en] Curry because he wasn’t much when he first came in [and] no one really recognized him for what he did, but now he is a superstar MVP, All-Star NBA Champion and everyone loves him. He has worked so hard and is such an inspiration.”




Darius_Graham_questionanathlete_sp_DayandanteDarius Graham

Guard, third-year sociology major

“Both my parents are my role models, but being a young man, my father especially.  I’m blessed enough to be in a two-parent household and my father has taught me how [a man should] love his wife and love his kids. I don’t have a girl right now but when that time comes for me to step up to that role, I’ll be able to do that.”




Nolan_Berry_questionanathlete_sp_DayandanteNolan Berry

Center/Forward, third-year human development major

“My role model is definitely my grandpa. He played in the NBA for ten years in the fifties, so being a basketball player I always looked up to him. He was also a good family man and a beacon, really strong in his faith.”





Morgan_Bertsch_questionanathlete_sp_DayandanteMorgan Bertsch

Redshirt Forward, first-year biomedical engineering major

“My inspiration would be my sister McKennan. She played basketball while at UC San Diego and was also an environmental engineering major. Now I’m a biomedical engineering major, so the fact that she made it through being in environmental engineering and playing basketball is a huge feat. I really just want to follow in her footsteps and do the things that I love.”




Rachel_Nagel_questionanathlete_sp_DayandanteRachel Nagel

Guard, second-year biological sciences major

“My role model would probably be my mom. She is the sweetest lady in the world. I remember as a sixth grader she would come rebound for me as my shots were bouncing everywhere. It was a lot of work. She has [also] given up a lot of her time and money so that I can live out my dreams here.”




Luca_Ferrari_questionanathlete_sp_DayandanteLuca Ferrari

Freshman Guard, first-year managerial economics major

“My role model would have to be my dad. He [is] a great family man and he also played college athletics so I always wanted to be just like him. He has supported me and taught me how to be a good man.”





Kourtney_Eaton_questionanathlete_sp_DayandanteKourtney Eaton

Guard, first-year undeclared physical sciences

“I have a cousin Luke who I have always looked up to. He was an athlete, super hard worker, had such a positive attitude. It was really nice to grow up with him and he is still my role model to this day.”


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