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The greatest human invention

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Students explain which invention is the best in all of human history and why


In your opinion, what is the greatest human invention and why?

ruby_tapia_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsRuby Tapia, fourth-year forensic chemistry major

“The toilet [because] it takes away waste from the home […] and prevents a lot of diseases.”







Kenny Lipich, fourth-year environmental policy analysis and planning major

“Probably the invention of petrochemicals. Everything created in society […] all goes back to oil. Oil is essential.”







kristi_lin_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsKristi Lin, fourth-year landscape architecture major

“Language allows us to learn about each other and tell stories.”







cham_brar_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsCham Brar, first-year mathematics major

“Wi-Fi, because everyone uses it. It connects the whole world.”








Daniel Oliveira, first-year undeclared major in physical sciences

“Shoes! Imagine if we didn’t have shoes. Try a day without shoes and you’ll see why.”







nolan_matter_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsNolan Matter, third-year political science major

“Being able to print […] mass media. It brings the communities of people together, […] like when people brought books to America.”







mikayla_hartford_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsMikayla Hartford, first-year civil engineering major

“The greatest human invention is music because music transcends other social constructs and barriers.”







christine_trung_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsChristine Trung, fourth-year animal science major

“Domesticating animals, because animals are amazing and go along with every aspect of our lives.”







ryan_brady_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsRyan “Beans” Brady, second-year statistics major

“Ohana’s [Hawaiian Barbeque], because drunk students pay homage to it with biweekly visits.”









Damian Amzallag, second-year economics and statistics major

“Airplanes, because [they] let you go ten times further everywhere. [They] make travel easier and war deadlier, so there is a good and a bad [side].”







Jessica_bykowski_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsJessica Bykowski, third-year biological sciences major

“The wheel. Can you imagine life without a wheel?”








jienel_agcaoili_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsJienel Agcaoili, third-year English major

“Cheese. Cheese is good, man!”








isabel_reyes_rovingreporter_fe_RobbinsIsabel Reyes, third-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major

“Indoor plumbing. You wouldn’t be able to wash your hands or poop inside [without it].”


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