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KDVS holds fall fundraiser following drastic ASUCD budget cuts


Student-run radio station seeks to raise $70,000 by spring quarter

KDVS, UC Davis’ community-based radio station, has recently undergone significant budget cuts from ASUCD. KDVS’ budget is lower than it has been since the 1970s, without taking inflation rates into account.

KDVS received a subsidy of $42,048 for 2014 and 2015. In contrast, the final approved budget for 2015 and 2016 has been cut to $25,180.

In order to combat these cuts, KDVS held a fall fundraiser on top of its annual spring fundraiser. Their goal is to raise a collective total of $70,000.

Unlike many of the radio stations licensed to universities, KDVS is one of the few stations left in the nation that is completely student-staffed. Dynn Javier, a second-year English major and the general manager of the station, finds that many people view the radio station as an invaluable part of the university.

“KDVS is, at least in the eyes of the community and the staff, a cultural asset and an educational platform,” Javier said. “We’ve pitched to our listeners, community and staff that two fundraisers a year, one in the fall and one in the spring, are indicative of growth here at KDVS.”

Joseph DeAngelo, a third-year political science and economics double major is one of the Business and Finance commissioners for ASUCD. According to DeAngelo, KDVS is only one of many ASUCD units that were affected during last spring’s budget cuts.

“Following a lot of on campus departments, we’re moving to what’s called zero-based budgeting,” DeAngelo said. “It’s essentially when the executive team looks at the actuals of this year and builds a budget from the bottom in order to develop the most efficient budget.”

Fundraisers are a key tool KDVS uses to raise money. About 80 percent of their operational budget comes from listener donations. The goal for both the spring and fall fundraisers is $35,000. Every radio program on the station has its own fundraising goal and uses incentives such as small gifts, promotions and on-air requests.

Ashley Hanson, former general manager of KDVS and a fifth-year clinical nutrition major, explained that the listeners of the station have been very supportive.

“We rang the alarm when they gave us less money than they ever have, and so many turned out in support of us,” Hanson said. “People know that we’re in distress and the people that care have already turned out to support us.”

The fall fundraiser lasted from Nov. 8 to 14. KDVS managed to raise $28,121 toward their $35,000 goal, surpassing ASUCD’s $16,868 subsidy cut. The spring fundraiser is slated to run from April 18 to 24.

Written by: Jackie Carmaz – campus@theaggie.org



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