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Winter registration opens for online version of Nutrition 10


Course offers pre-recorded lectures, online extra credit, exams

Starting the week of Nov. 7, Winter Quarter registration opened for the entirely online version of Nutrition 10, called Nutrition 10V.  

Nutrition 10: Discoveries and Concepts in Nutrition is a popular lower-division course for students looking to fulfill general education requirements in the Science and Engineering category.

According to the UC Davis course catalogue, the course instructs students about nutrition as a science. It also discusses historical development of concepts related to nutrition and the basic properties of nutrients and foods.

“I think [Nutrition] 10 is a very informative course and it’s fairly simple,” said second-year economics major AJ Seymour. “It offers a lot of extra credit opportunity and is overall stress-free, but at the same time it actually teaches you a lot.”

The online version of the course was developed by UC Davis graduate student Debbie Fetter and Professor Liz Applegate. Fetter received her Bachelor of Science in nutrition science from UC Davis and joined UC Davis’ Graduate Group of Nutritional Studies to continue her interest in nutrition education. Her research focus includes using technology in school-based nutrition programs to generate interest in nutrition.

Applegate is a nationally-renowned expert on nutrition and fitness and a faculty member of UC Davis’ Department of Nutrition. She will be instructing the course for the coming Winter Quarter.

“I’ve always tried to use current technology and I wanted to try out the online course system for myself,” Applegate said.

Nutrition 10 was first offered virtually as a pilot research study in the summer of 2012. According to Applegate, the results from that project were good and students enjoyed the online class.

“Many students on campus have expressed interest in enrolling [in] online courses and were especially drawn toward courses that would also offer online exams,” Fetter said.

Nutrition 10V for Winter Quarter 2018 is 100 percent online and offers extra credit and exams online. Additionally, lectures for the class are pre-recorded and gives students the flexibility to watch the videos on their own time.

The course will answer many nutrition-related questions such as: Should you go gluten-free? Is coconut oil healthy? How do I reduce my cancer risk?

The CRN number for Nutrition 10V is 75323 and students of all majors are encouraged to register.


Written By: Clara Zhao — campus@theaggie.org


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