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Giving Thanks Through Photos

Aggie photographers share what they are thankful for

Thankful for the opportunity to travel to far-off places and immerse myself in vibrant cultures. (ANH-TRAM BUI)


I’m thankful that my parents immigrated to the United States and brought pieces of home — including family photographs, childhood stories and their native tongue — to share with me. (DIANA LI)




I am incredibly grateful for my first apartment! It has brought me closer to the most amazing women I know. Love you, Apartment A! (FARAH FARJOOD)


I am thankful for my family, as they always show me how to enjoy life and love each other! Pictured here are mom and brother on a hike during my mom’s birthday this October in Berkeley, Calif. (IAN JONES)


I am incredibly grateful for all the opportunities that I have been given and also thankful for friends and family. (JERO REAL)


I am thankful for being born in an amazing hometown with places I’ve made hundreds of memories with friends and family. These places are home to me. (JESSE STESHENKO)


I’m thankful for all the places that show me that there is more to life. (JORDAN CHOW)


I’m thankful for the love, support and guidance of my friends and family. (MACLEAN HARTFORD)


In my fourth season with Women’s Rowing, I look at the team and see my family. I am so thankful for the love and support of my teammates on and off the water. (KAILA MATTERA)



Thankful for my best friend! (MEENA RUGH)


I am thankful for the opportunity to explore the Bay Area and all the scenery it has to offer! (NICHOLAS CHAN)


I’m thankful every day for my husband and the life I’m living. (TAYLOR LAPOINT)


Thankful for my hometown, Los Angeles. (TREVOR GOODMAN)


I am thankful for cute animals that bring joy to my life! (VENOOS MOSHAYEDI)


I am thankful for my dog, Hayley, my trusty companion. (ZACHARY ZOLMER)


I’m thankful for the opportunities I have had so far. (ZOË REINHARDT)


I am thankful for UC Davis and the education and community it has provided me. I have been given many opportunities to test my boundaries and grow as a student. UC Davis has changed my life, and I will never regret choosing to go here. (ALEXA FONTANILLA)

Written By: The California Aggie Photo Desk — photo@theaggie.org


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