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Best Dessert Shop: Davis Creamery

The ice cream parlor located on E Street in Downtown Davis attracts customers with homemade ice cream and a wide range of flavors

By RIDDHI PURANIK features@theaggie.org

Davis Creamery, located on E Street in Downtown Davis, is a popular spot that attracts college students and locals alike with their enticing ice cream flavors, delicious candy bars and delectable caramel apples. 

The family-owned store dedicates itself to creating a welcoming atmosphere for all. The outdoor seating area with wooden benches and fairy lights appeals to the crowd that frequents the streets at night. Regulars enjoy the multitude of flavors with their friends at this popular hangout spot. A quick stroll downtown ensures that you come across the shop and soak in the lighthearted atmosphere it contributes to the Davis environment. 

Various dessert items from the Davis Creamery. (Aggie File)

When you take all these factors into consideration, it is no surprise that Davis Creamery was voted the best dessert shop in Davis, winning with 46.1% of the vote. The creamery seeks to incorporate fresh and local ingredients in all of their flavors as a way to support the Davis community. It has been serving the citizens of Davis since 2005. 

The Davis Creamery partners with the university, local businesses and nonprofits to organize fundraisers, as mentioned on their website.  

A popular event that attracts ice cream enthusiasts is Bracketology, an annual flavor competition held in March. The customers submit 16 new flavor ideas to create the bracket. Once this bracket is finalized, the customers vote on two flavors every week. These decisions eliminate the least favorite flavors until there is only one winning flavor. 

Many of the winners of the Bracketology competition have become a regular option, for example, Trifecta, Strawberry Oreo and Kit Kat Nutella, as detailed on their website.

The integration of the customers’ ideas into the cycle for selection further increases the chances of customers forming an emotional connection to this store. Perla Servin, a first-year managerial economics major, is one of the many Davis Creamery fans. 

“I love walking downtown and heading to the Creamery to try out new flavors,” Servin said. “Even if it is cold outside, my friends and I sit together and recap the best parts of the week to each other.” She emphasizes that the versatile nature of the flavors is what always draws her to the Creamery. 

“My friends make fun of me for liking the Avocado Coconut flavor the best, but I love the way it tastes,” Servin said.

Harika Kovvuri, a first-year biological sciences major, has a personal favorite at the Creamery: red velvet. 

 “I like going there after my midterm to treat myself,” Kovvuri said. 

The Davis Creamery creates their ice cream fresh every morning in batches, which contributes to the taste that everyone has come to appreciate. They serve other treats that are designed to cater to all your sweet cravings such as cookies, macarons, caramel apples and candy. The creamery also offers specials such as the Lava Cake Sundae or the Cowpie, which is essentially a scoop of your favorite ice cream sandwiched between two cookies. You can also make your signature milkshake by choosing up to three flavors of ice cream. 

The Davis Creamery caters to your special dietary needs by offering a select number of sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan options. This ensures that nobody misses out on this valuable Davis experience. 

The store continues to work its way into the hearts of all who step through its bright yellow doors. Head over to 113 E St. to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Written by: Riddhi Puranik — features@theaggie.org


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