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Best Day Trip: San Francisco

Spend a day in the bay!

The people have spoken, and with 49.4% of the vote, the best day trip location is San Francisco. It costs just $27 to take an Amtrak down to the Bay, and with a rich tapestry of art, restaurants and local culture, it’s hard to go wrong doing so. The rolling hills and year-round temperate climate make it a fascinating and pleasant—if a bit vertiginous—experience.

UC Davis alumnus Tomas Hoffman described his day trip to San Francisco over text as “Fantastic. It has amazing views of the ocean, the bay has an amazing marine feel and the climate is a great respite from the dry heat of the central valley. The range of food available is amazing as well, from fresh salmon near the piers to amazing donuts sold 24/7 in the city proper.”

Hoffman isn’t alone in his love for San Francisco’s donuts either. Another UC Davis alumnus, Ishan Merkel, said over text that “the donuts were amazing. We made the most of our day trip to San Francisco by taking the pressure off and simply exploring whatever caught our eye. From the cathedral down to the docks, it really felt like an adventure!” 

San Francisco offers memorable experiences at all hours of the day. Shopping districts sell just about anything you could want, from clothes to records to coffee and fresh pastries, and the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system makes getting from one end of the city to another without a car not just easy but kind of fun. San Francisco is also a standard touring stop for bands large and small, so once COVID-19 restrictions ease up, the city will return to being one of the best spots in northern California to catch live music as well.

If you have a day to kill and a few friends to bring along, a trip to San Francisco is guaranteed to be a fantastic time.
Written by: Jacob Anderson — features@theaggie.org


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